Home monitoring for you as a patient

ImagineCare provides a tool for remote patient monitoring, also called home or distance monitoring. It gives you a better understanding of your health, while healthcare staff gets increased insight into your disease. ImagineCare is a safe, digital healthcare service giving direct access to your caregiver – from home. Our app allows you as a patient to measure your values, share them with healthcare staff and connect with your caregiver at a distance. Using a Bluetooth-connected medical device, such as a blood pressure monitor, you can report your values automatically and regularly.

An app for control and safety

ImagineCare’s app provides easy and efficient support for increased safety and health. By regularly measuring your values and responding to questions about your well-being, healthcare staff can act in time if any deviations.

Since the solution lives in your smartphone or tablet, you choose where you want to be – at home, in your workplace, on a vacation trip, or anywhere you have an internet connection. Your individual needs and prerequisites are in focus. You can also contact your caregiver through the app if you have any questions about your medical values or health plan.

How does it work?

Remote monitoring is easy to use. How it works:

  1. You get access to ImagineCare
    You are granted access to the app through your caregiver, e.g., your primary care or specialist center. You can check if your region provides remote monitoring on egenmonitorering.se.
  2. You get your health plan and medical equipment
    You and your caregiver develop your health plan depending on your medical needs. You will also get access to the equipment needed to follow your plan, for example, a Bluetooth-connected blood pressure monitor, scale, or blood sugar monitor.
  3. You register your values regularly
    Start measuring your values and reply to forms as agreed by you and your caregiver. Values can be added manually or via Bluetooth, and the results are visible immediately to both you and your caregiver.
  4. Get in contact with your caregiver when needed
    The healthcare staff may contact you through the app’s chat or video function if any value deviates. You can also contact the caregiver if you have any questions about your health.

ImagineCare is a safe and proactive service where you, as a patient, become a co-creator of your healthcare. Some of the advantages for you as a patient are:

  • Increased availability
  • Increased patient security
  • Increased continuity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased self-knowledge

ImagineCare Health Monitoring app is available on AppStore or Google Play once your region and caregiver offer the service. As of today, it’s available for patients in region Östergötland and region Jämtland Härjedalen.

What to monitor 

At egenmonitorering.se, you can read more about how remote monitoring works, what to monitor, and how to use it for specific diagnoses. You can also check on the website to see if your region and caregiver provides the service to its inhabitants. Click below to find your remote monitoring (only available in Swedish).

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