Building the backbone of home monitoring

Our ambition has been to build the backbone of Patient Remote Monitoring in Sweden and globally. A high aim that’s now possible on our platform thanks to complete flexibility, interoperability, and user experience. Our platform allows us to partner with the best actors in their respective fields and to create the best opportunities for every group of patients, individuals, and care units.


Our platform enables standardized and individualized health plans where the caregiver can decide what’s best for the situation. With standardized health flows, predefined plans for chronic diseases can also be adjusted for smaller patient groups or specific individual needs.


We have built the platform for full interoperability, where we both store and expose data according to open standards allowing full integration with, e.g., medical information systems and other care platforms. Care systems that talk to each other ease the healthcare staff and the patient. We welcome and support suppliers with different solutions to enable information flow through the healthcare ecosystem. You can read more about it in the Partner section.

User experience

The target of developing our platform has always been complete user friendliness for caregivers and patients – that is when RPM can make a genuine difference. Therefore, we’ve built the user experience with our current regional clients and users, starting from their and their patients’ everyday needs. 

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