Sustainability is essential to ImagineCare's business, especially since our core is strengthening health and good care. Therefore, we make our business support mostly the UN's sustainable development goals, mainly number 3; Good health and well-being, and secondly, number 10; Reduced inequalities.

UN Sustainable Dev Goals

Goal number 3: Good health and well-being

Good health and well-being are our core business. Our platform is developed to strengthen good health in society through, e.g., prevention, early detection, increased availability, and high consciousness. Primarily we see that our platform helps support target 3.4 – reducing mortality from non-communicable diseases and promoting mental health, and 3.8 – achieving universal health coverage.

Goal number 10: Reduced inequalities

An equal society builds on all persons’ equal rights and opportunities, regardless of, e.g., sex, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disabilities, and age. We use data as a tool for equal care, making actual needs clear and visible. 

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Besides how our platform supports the UN sustainable development goals, we also see our effects and our environmental, social, and financial responsibility as a company.

Environmental responsibility
We strive to use as few resources as possible in our business, constantly evaluating work processes. Today’s most important environmental issue is the logistics and transport of our medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors. We work with our logistic partner to minimize packaging sizes, use environmentally friendly packaging, and transport where possible.

Social responsibility
For us, this means being an excellent societal actor, pushing the development of remote monitoring and good care with patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders. We always consider employees’ and other people’s health, well-being, and equal opportunities.

Information security
For us, information security is an integral part of our social responsibility. Protecting patients’ rights and integrity is a prerequisite for building trust. We protect our and our patients’ information assets from unauthorized collection, preservation, use, extradition, alteration, and destruction - all by current laws and regulations. We achieve this through appropriate policies, guidelines, routines, and technical safety. You can read more about our work under “Measuring equipment & Classification.”

Financial responsibility
Financial responsibility means that, over time, we must ensure a financially stable business for our investors, employees, partners, patients, customers, and other stakeholders.

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