A leading platform for Remote Patient Monitoring

Our RPM solution is developed with healthcare professionals and patients in focus and is a vital key to a better healthcare

ImagineCare offers a leading digital healthcare platform for RPM, Remote Patient Monitoring. Patients measure their values from home with continuous and direct contact with their caregivers through an app, making healthcare efficient, personalized, and safe.

Our platform is developed with input from healthcare professionals and is fully scalable for new demands. The ImagineCare solution is, therefore, a core for all remote monitoring, one that can grow towards new user areas and health flows continuously. Through this, ImagineCare is a tenable solution for both today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare needs.

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Remote Patient Monitoring – key to a modern healthcare

To achieve excellent and close care, a national objective set by the government, healthcare must change into a focus on individual needs, a preventive approach, equality, and increased safety. These focus areas make home monitoring, so-called RPM or Remote Patient Monitoring, a critical tool for good healthcare.

Our platform gives patients increased safety and control of their health while at the same time helping healthcare professionals spend more of their time on what’s most important – the patients. Regular health values give patients and nursing staff valuable information for the patient's health plan, while notifications help prioritize who needs help first. All this while the patient is in their safe spot – their home.

Home monitoring increases availability and patient security, enabling the safe care that each person deserves.

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Comments from our users
MaggiePatient with chronic heart failure

Home monitoring makes me feel safe; I can hardly describe the importance of that. If I have high blood pressure or gain sudden weight, my nurse contacts me immediately. I know that someone sees me and that I will quickly get help when needed, which has made me lose my death anxiety.


Asthmatics are a group of patients traditionally under-treated. Many have accepted, e.g., being puffy as a part of their ever, but they can feel better and even become free of symptoms. Remote monitoring helps with that and leads to healthier patients.

KatarinaPatient with hypertension

If I didn't have the app, I wouldn't have control over my blood pressure. It's safe to know that someone sees if my pulse is too high or too low, which makes me very happy to have it.


Finally, I don't have to worry about leaving my home. Instead, I can focus on self-care and take responsibility for my health.

Linda JakobssonAssistant nurse

I have multiple values to consider when patients use their blood pressure medicine. It makes it easy for me to evaluate the dosing, and if needed, I contact a doctor for a medical adjustment. I can reach the patient quickly in the chat and easily inform them about any changes.


Thanks to Remote monitoring, I can stay home instead of making a long trip to the closest healthcare center.


ImagineCare has made my life much richer since I can now stay home and report my values. I feel that I get help, even staying at home.

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