Our solution for you as a caregiver

The ImagineCare solution is built on the principles of equal and need-based healthcare. Our platform enables a patient-centered way of working that starts with individual prerequisites and needs. That makes it possible for you as a caregiver to see every person while prioritizing and adjusting the actions for each patient. ImagineCare is a technical platform with built-in decision support and can be used as a foundation for most larger patient groups within the healthcare sector.

Clear overview and individual support

The healthcare platform helps you as a caregiver standardize and ease self-care and communication with patients with a chronic disease or use remote monitoring for preventive purposes. A simple, user-friendly, and educational design eases the monitoring and gives a good overview for a larger group of patients. The system has built-in decision support making interventions followed by health deviations easier.

When a patient is connected to the service, the individual health plan is visible both in the clinical web application and the patient app. The health plan visualizes connected health flows, target measures, and how often the person should register values or self-assessments. As healthcare staff, you can edit the health plan when needed.

As a caregiver, you will be notified once a deviated value is registered or if the patient doesn’t follow the health plan. If that happens, you can provide support directly to the patient through chat or video calls. Notifications are prioritized on severeness, making it clear when a patient needs immediate support. 

A tool for your care unit 

Patient remote monitoring can help your care unit in many ways, and current caregivers describe it as a tool for

  • Increased availability and decreased waiting lines
  • Efficient usage of care resources
  • Checking up on larger patient groups
  • A care unit based on actual needs
  • Improved decision and follow-up support
  • Updating of skills and improved employee engagement

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