Remote Patient Monitoring

Proactive care with digital tools 

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), also known as self or home monitoring, is a digital service that proactively measures a patient’s health values in their home, automatically transferring them to the caregiver.

Today, almost every second resident in Sweden lives with one or more chronic diseases, a group that continues to grow. Through a proactive approach, the healthcare system notices potential health deviations in these patients before they get sicker. At the same time, people with chronic diseases, such as heart failure and diabetes, can be supported where they feel most safe – at home.

Sweden’s vision for e-health

Through the Government and SKR, Sweden has the vision to be the best in the world at using the opportunities offered by e-health and digitalization in healthcare by 2025. Patient Remote Monitoring is a national priority to realize the vision.

How does it work?

The patient is given access to the monitoring through their healthcare provider, such as a primary or specialist care center. The patient can measure their values daily through Bluetooth-connected equipment, such as a blood pressure monitor.

The results are immediately visible in the app for both patient and caregiver. By regularly following up on the results, healthcare professionals can offer immediate support in the event of a deviation.

Remote monitoring for employers 

Remote patient monitoring, RPM, makes it possible for employers to work strategically and preventively against stress-related ill health among staff. The employee can continuously report both actual and perceived health values, which allows employers to catch employees who are at risk of suffering from, for example, exhaustion early on.

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