Our solution for you as an employer

ImagineCare makes it possible for you, as an employer, to work proactively on work-related illnesses like stress. Employees can report their values continuously, manually or with Bluetooth, and respond to forms about symptoms and well-being. It makes it possible to find employees in the risk zone of developing stress syndromes early on.

Exhaustion and stress-related illness is currently the most common reason for sick leave. Fatigue syndromes often lead to long term sick-leaves and a high cost for the individual, the employer, and society.

Remote monitoring as an occupational health service 

By continuously following up on employees' physical and mental health, from a perceived stress level to elevated blood pressure and periods of repeated sick leave, it's possible to find employees at risk of developing fatigue syndromes early on.

The ImagineCare solution can be used by both smaller and larger companies in different situations, e.g., as

  • Screening and preventative health service for all employees
  • A preventative tool for intense work periods, corporate changes, or indications of anxiety and stress
  • Part of a rehab process

A user-friendly app with a direct connection to healthcare staff

The employee will get access to the ImagineCare app, where they can reply to KEDS forms continuously (Karolinska Exhaustion Disorder Scale). It's a self-rating scale focusing on the Ability to concentrate, Memory, Bodily Fatigue, Endurance, Recovery, Sleep, Hypersensitivity to Sensory Impressions, Experience of Requirements, Irritation, and Anger. It's also possible to add organizational relevant forms and physical monitoring, such as blood pressure. Results are immediately visible by both the employee and our nurses, giving the coworker continuous support.

Flexible reports adjusted to your organization

The employer will get access to data and statistics about the organization's well-being to evaluate and analyze the corporate situation. For the employee, integrity is essential, why ImagineCare protects individual data (following the rules of data security and integrity).


We develop the solution jointly with you to ensure it fits your organization entirely. Examples of potential add-ons are:

  • Blood pressure with Bluetooth-connected blood pressure monitor
  • Physical activity
  • Steps and sleep
  • Habits
  • Individually adapted monitoring for employees with specific diagnoses, such as diabetes or asthma

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